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Jenni is a children's book illustrator who lives in a beautiful sea-side town in New South Wales, Australia. Jenni uses different mediums to create her artworks including watercolour paints and pencils, both coloured and graphite, as well as digital media. She loves capturing the beauty of nature and expressive characters in her illustrations.

Most of Jenni's illustrating hours are spent creating picture books - a dream come true! She is the illustrator behind the 2018 Storm Boy Board Books, and feels honoured to help champion koala conservation through the 2020 release of Have You Seen A Tree For Me? Most recently, she has teamed up with her older brother to create the sweet and playful picture book Snuffy which has been Shortlisted for the 2022 Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year.

As a child, Jenni scribbled and sketched and coloured in to her little heart’s content. Now, as an adult, she scribbles and sketches and colours in with perhaps a little more skill, but no less passion. Creating with pencils and paints is still one of her life’s greatest delights.

Jenni and her husband share their home with a gorgeous border collie, a darling bunny, a variety of fish and three of the sweetest kids imaginable.


COMING Feb 2024! Little Horses (written by Deborah Kelly - Wombat Books

2022 - Snuffy (written by Andrew Dittmer) - New Holland Publishers

               Shortlisted for the 2022 Speech Pathology Book of the Year Awards Three to Five Years 


2020 - Have You Seen A Tree For Me? (written by Sarah Eccleston) - New                     Holland Publishers

2019 - A Boy and A Dog (written by Shae Millward) - New Holland Publishers

2019 - Do You Know Where Jesus Is? (written by Kelly Ferguson) - Ark House                 Press

2018 - Storm Boy - The Illustrated Story (written by Colin Thiele, co-                                  illustrator Andrew Davis) - New Holland Publishers

2018 - Storm Boy Colours (Board book) - New Holland Publishers

2018 - Storm Boy Numbers (Board book) - New Holland Publishers

2018 - Storm Boy Rescue (Board book) - New Holland Publishers

2018 - Mr Percival on the Beach (Bath Book) - New Holland Publishers

2018 - Mr Percival and Numbers (Bath Book) - New Holland Publishers

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